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Full time artist, exploring the bridges between the digital and physical through NFTs, 3D Printing, scanning, sculpting, VR, AR and beyond.

- Over 10 years Professional Experience in Production

- Modelling and Digital Sculpture - core strength with various pipeline methods and tools for both hard surface and organic objects

- Texturing, lighting and shading for a range of pre rendered and real time applications

- Editing and Compositing experience with node and layer based tools

- Experience preparing assets and completing full projects for a wide variety of formats, including Broadcast TV,
PC games, Mobile applications, 3D printing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

- I am confident working from concept art developed by others in a range of styles and can stick as true
or as fluidly to the original designs as needed for the overall direction of the project

- Animation as a secondary skill in 2D and 3D when required

Offering a range of services in 3d printing, Jewellery and Animation Production. Please contact ben at bendansie dot com